4 Ways Legislative Tracking Software Helps You Monitor & Report State Legislation

Saturday, 12 February 2022 by Legistracker
4 Ways Legislative Tracking Software Helps You Monitor & Report State Legislation

Are you a lobbyist looking for a way to track the bills in your portfolio? A think tank analyst who wants to know what legislators are voting on? 

A government relations professional trying to reduce redundant paperwork and headaches from distributing information up the chain of command? Or perhaps an enterprise striving to keep abreast of all legislation and associated regulations that influence your business?

What is a legislative managing software?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, your options range from painstakingly compiling data on excel sheets to tracking information via phone and email, both of which are time-consuming. These methods eventually become less effective when you're sifting through hundreds of bills.

And this is precisely where a legislative tracking and management software tool that enables you to centralize, quickly access, and analyze legislative data can help.

For the purpose of brevity, let's outline the four main ways legislative tracking software can help organizations and government affairs teams alike.

  1. Staying Organized
  2. Categorizing Information
  3. Comprehensive Stakeholder Reports
  4. Saving Tracking Effort

Staying Organized

Legislative tracking software can streamline the process of organizing, conducting, and analyzing research on governmental bills and policies, so you're able to focus on what matters most, lobbying! Instead of spending valuable time searching for and compiling notes on bills from emails, text messages, you'll have all the analysis and stakeholder comments on bills at your fingertips.

Categorizing Information

Legislative tracking software facilitates the classification of the collected information on bills, from simple A-Z categorization to more complex taxonomies. This translates to keeping important bills and policies organized within your portfolio in a jargon that makes sense to you, your team and clients. For example, you can create 'tags' for bills based on their:

·       Topic (e.g., 'Industry,' 'Trade Associations, 'Budget,' 'Education,' etc.)

·       Category (e.g., 'Actively Lobbying', 'Monitoring')

·       Stance ('Support', 'Support w/Amendment', etc.)

Comprehensive Stakeholder Reports

Effective lobbying is effective communication. Your hard work and progress have to be disseminated to your stakeholders effectively. Using custom professional templates, the right legislative reporting tool can help create comprehensive reports.  Your clients can then facilitate better decision-making based on the current bill action data.

Saving Tracking Time & Effort

A legislative tracking software tool can empower you to focus on the task at hand, which is government relations. More profoundly, you can:

·       Streamline your outreach efforts by creating tailor-made emails to clients and contacts.

·       Avoid excel clutter on your end with all the tracking and reporting tools in a one-stop shop bill management software.

In a Nutshell

Altogether, a reliable legislative tracking software solution can keep you organized, enable you to streamline your work and complement your focus on what matters most — lobbying.

Curious to learn more about how legislative tracking software can help you improve your communication and collaboration efforts? 

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